Eliminate Words Of Defeat And Use Words Of Power!


My journey in life hasn’t always been a positive one. I’ll be the first to admit that I had a bad attitude and used to think negatively. I constantly made bad decisions because of my negative thinking. I was a mess. I had no direction, and I didn’t know what to do about it. I was constantly trying to improve my situation but going about it all the wrong way. I had very good intentions, but I didn’t have the right tools to make them come to fruition. The more and more I failed at something the more distraught I became, and ultimately the more negative I thought. My life was spinning out of control.

Fortunately one day I woke up and decided that I had enough! I realized I had to change my thinking so I began researching how to do it. I realized that my way wasn’t working. No matter how bad I wanted to do things on my own I realized I needed help.

What I am about to share with you is the power of eliminating negative words from your vocabulary and replacing them with WORDS OF POWER! These are the very tools that helped me change my thinking, and I am excited that I can share them with you on your journey of better living and life.




I Can’t – if you think you I can’t you won’t! You’ve already made up your mind.

If Only – is wishful thinking and will always keep you wishing.

I don’t Think – if you don’t think you can you won’t try. Once again you have already made up your mind you are not good enough.

I Don’t Have Time – if you think you don’t have time you will make time, and you never get around to doing anything.

Maybe – is a killer! maybe what? maybe if. nasty word…forget the word maybe NOW! 

I’m Afraid – of what? your own happiness? success? If you are afraid to try then you will always be on the wrong side of fear.

I Don’t Believe – the biggest killer of them all! If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. Belief in oneself is the key to accomplishing all things. START BELIEVING NOW!



I CAN – are words of power! If you believe you can you will.

I WILL – are words of power and action. Start believing you can and you will “WILL” yourself to positive results.

I KNOW – knowing is half the battle! I think of how many times the cartoon G.I. Joe was telling me in my youth the complete and honest truth. When you know it is possible you make it possible.

I WILL MAKE TIME – if you make time you are making a way. Those who make time are successful because they realize time is their most valuable asset. They get the results they want every time.

ABSOLUTELY KNOW! Erase all doubt with action. Action kills doubt. once you know you can do you will do.

I’M CONFIDENT – be confident. Know you can. Don’t let fear hold you back. If you are confident you have nothing to fear at all.

I’M SURE – be sure. Your belief in yourself is the most important attribute you can possess. Being sure means that nothing will ever stop in your pursuit of your goals. When you KNOW you can you will.


“If you continually embrace the positive and eliminate the negavtive, you’ll help yourself to begin to think positively every day.” – john C. Maxwell


Remember, your Thoughts Become You! I cannot say this enough. When you think positive and use words of power you will always get positive results.


I hope that I could help you on your journey towards a more positive life. It is truly my sincerest intention to help as many people as I can live a better and rewarding life. Be Inspired!!!


Thank you for reading!

Mack Author


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About MackAuthor

Hello, My name is Mack Buckley and I am the founder of MackAuthor.wordpress.com, and the author of Thoughts Become You. Welcome! I am first time published author. I have been writing since I learned how to form the letters of the alphabet. I love words! I am also a songwriter and a blogger. I just love to write. I am in love with it! I started MackAuthor.com to share my book Thoughts Become You. Thoughts Become You is my gift of sharing what I have learned to change my life to you. I have overcome a troubled life by using the very tools and techniques I talk about in Thoughts Become You.
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