How to Face Your Fears in 3 Steps…and Win!

Facing Your Fear


Fear can be an intimidating factor in the belief of yourself and chasing your dreams. It will paralyze you. It will turn action into doubt. It will leave you at a standstill. For a lot of people…this is exactly what it does. no worries though. Today we are going to kick fear in the rear and begin living the life we were meant to live!


Make no mistake about it…You Are Ready! If you weren’t then you wouldn’t be here. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment in time. If fact, you being here is proof positive that you are sick and tired of not living the life you want. You have been searching for the answer. Now you’ve found it.


The the truth is there is nothing to fear. Life is amazing! All it takes is your will and commitment to get to the other side, and that means facing your fears. Facing your fear is really simple…JUST DO IT! (Nike has been telling people the answer for years!)


Remember when you were young and you didn’t know how to ride a bike? Remember the anxiety it caused?  Remember those training wheels that were a must? Your safety net in case you fell. That was fear. remember the first time your mom or dad let go of the back seat and you wanted to cry? That was fear. Now remember the same moment of the very day you did it all by yourself. When mom or dad let go and you realized you were doing it all by yourself. Remember the joy that came over you. The smile that came across your face. That “Im a big kid now” feeling you weren’t going to let anyone take back from you. You overcame your fear. And I guarantee today you still can ride a bike with no training wheels. Well facing your fears in life is no different.


To overcome fear all you have to do is set your mind to the task at hand and do it. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.



This step is so crucial because without belief in yourself then you are doomed to fail. others will not believe in you if you do not believe in yourself. SELF-BELIEF is the most powerful tool you can possess because with it anything is possible. Your action will begin to erase doubt and before you know it you are started on the journey of success.

Never…i repeat…NEVER let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Beware of the dream killers! They are out there lurking trying to kill your vision.



The next most critical step in overcoming your fear is having a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail! REMEMBER THAT! Write down all that it is that you want to do. Every detail you can think of put on paper, and start small.

A lot of people think of the task in whole which can be fearful, but if you break down your plan into small goals it becomes a lot more manageable and  easier to accomplish. what was once a monumental task is now pieces you can handle. After you do that GET TO WORK! Accomplish one small goal at a time and don’t start the next one until you are finished with the one at hand.



Giving up is the number one cause of people not reaching their goals! Why? Because it is so easy to do, but giving up is the worst mistake you can make on the road to success. Successful people don’t give up. They learn from their mistakes and failures and keep going despite the setbacks. They have a decided heart and nothing will keep them from being successful.

Along the way you will encounter all types of obstacles and roadblocks. That is life. Plans rarely go as smooth as you envisioned them too. Keep that in mind. However, this is not something to stress over. It is actually a great opportunity to tune up your plan. Make it better. The more obstacles you face and overcome, the better prepared you are to overcome the next obstacle you encounter. You are gaining in knowledge, and that is a great thing.

“Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

As long as you never give up you will conquer your fears!


Thank you for reading! I appreciate you visiting and I hope you enjoyed being here.

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