Thinking Positive Is The Key


Thinking positive is the key to a rewarding and fulfilling life. Think about it…how many times have you thought about having a awesome day and you’ve had one? Ok…now think about the times you thought…”ugh…it’s going to be one of those days”, and it turned out not so great? That is because the result of your thinking determined the outcome of your day.

What we think is what we create. If we think positive thoughts we have positive results. Same thing with negative thoughts. It always begins with you and what’s in your head.

The key to remaining positive is being aware of your thoughts. If you monitor your thoughts you can eliminate any negative thoughts that may enter your mind. As soon as you think something negative…STOP…GET RID OF THE THOUGHT…REPLACE IT WITH A POSITIVE ONE, and continue on about your day.

Monitoring your thoughts isn’t the easiest task. It takes some practice. The good thing about your thoughts is that they are yours, and you know what you are thinking. The task is being able to stop the process and reset your mind. The more you practice this skill the better you will get at it. As with anything, practice makes you better. So try to practice this skill as often as you can and soon it will become second nature.

If you think positive, positive things will happen! That is a fact!

I hope that you received some insight into positive thinking, and that your day becomes one of positive results! And remember…Thoughts Become You.

Thank you for reading!



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Hello, My name is Mack Buckley and I am the founder of, and the author of Thoughts Become You. Welcome! I am first time published author. I have been writing since I learned how to form the letters of the alphabet. I love words! I am also a songwriter and a blogger. I just love to write. I am in love with it! I started to share my book Thoughts Become You. Thoughts Become You is my gift of sharing what I have learned to change my life to you. I have overcome a troubled life by using the very tools and techniques I talk about in Thoughts Become You.
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