Behind The Book: Chapter 5 – Be Thankful For Everything

Chapter 5

Hello readers! Welcome back to and Behind The Book!

I am terribly sorry for not posting this segment when I said I was going to do so. So many wonderful things have been happening in my life that it has been hard to really keep track of everything going on. I am very appreciative of to have that problem (if that is what you want to call it) which actually is a great transition into today’s topic.

Be Thankful For Everything! I started to name this chapter “The Power of Gratitude” which is actually what being thankful for everything means. It may sound a little unconventional. I mean who wants to be thankful for the struggles and the hardships in their lives? No one right? True, but being thankful for those struggles and hardships is your acknowledgement that life is teaching you something. If you are paying attention there is a lesson to be had from everything. Some of my greatest epiphanies have come in my most darkest hours only because I realized I should be thankful for the experience. Once I was able to do that I was able to look at things from a different point of view.

Today I am gratefully thankful for all the things I have gone through or I possess in my life. The life experiences not only help me to sharpen myself as a man but also allows me to help others. If there is something that I want that I don’t have I am also grateful because that gives me a goal to accomplish. I am thankful for even having that type of mind set to do so. When you fill your life with gratitude then the things you desire will come to you because you always find what you seek. Gratitude helps your Thoughts Become YOU.

I hope that you have gained some more insight with this post! If this is your first time visiting please go back and read for more clarity. You can always purchase Thoughts Become YOU right here on!

See you all next week when Behind The Book delves into

Chapter 6: Become A Visionary.





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8 Responses to Behind The Book: Chapter 5 – Be Thankful For Everything

  1. bethan123456 says:

    I have also published a book on the kindle book store, called the mirror’s face. It also kind of has a moral about gratitude, too. In my story, the character doesn’t realize that she had everything she ever wanted, until it’s gone. I think this is a very important life skill, and it’s great and inspiring that you wrote a book about it!

  2. bethan123456 says:

    Well, I’m writing one now, but its nowhere near done, and I’ve also made plans0for another,too πŸ™‚

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