Behind The Book: (Chapter 2 Thoughts Become You)


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Behind The Book Series: Chapter 2 – Thoughts Become You



Thoughts Become You. This is a very true statement. My book, Thoughts Become You is a the perfect example. Thoughts Become You is primarily based on me wanting and becoming a published author. You don’t need anymore evidence to know that I achieved my goal, and my thoughts became me.

As of 8.24.2012, I became an officially published author!

#Lesson Your World Is A Reflection Of You (Internalize)

Okay..I think you are ready for the SECRET of Success! THERE IS NONE! I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not going to pretend like I’ve found what everybody has been missing. The truth of the matter is that the so called secret was never lost. And that so called secret is Thoughts Become You. You are a direct reflection of your thinking. The choices you make have consequences rather good or bad. The key  word was you and the verb was make. YOU MAKE! Think about it. Have the choices you’ve made thus far in life granted you the lifestyle that you live? Be honest. Have your Thoughts Become You?

Before we close I want to share with you this powerful information. The difference between success and failure is in the preparation. The planning. Its easy to have a dream but much harder to live it. So you have to Dream Build! I’m sort of skipping ahead in the book but its the truth. Next.

The one thing I’ve noticed in my pursuit of success and all of the research and reading I have done is this…ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE BELIEVED THEY COULD! It is our thinking. And yes, I do consider myself successful. And yes, I am successful and have been at many things. I have also failed at many things. The difference is when I fail I learn the lesson of what not to do next time. When the majority of people fail they give up. Things didn’t go their way the first time out. It must not work. That type of thinking is so far from the truth. I succeed where others fail because I know I CAN. You can not tell me that I can’t. It’s a nasty word. I don’t believe in it. I succeed because I don’t give up. I know breakthroughs come right when it seems no other way is possible. And I am willing to go as far as I needed to make MY PLAN work. See, failure is not an option. I choose success. The failures are learning experiences. Learn from them and move on. Never, Never, Never, GIVE UP!

I am going to close out with this because I really want you to read the actual chapter from the book. I know this may be the first post some new readers may be viewing and I don’t want them to miss out. Please read the first installment of the Behind The Book Series which I will post as link at the end of this article. A preview of Thoughts Become You is available for FREE! Click the FREE Preview link in the righthand sidebar under the BUY My book NOW!

Thanks for reading. I hope that you have more insight into your thoughts becoming you. Its not that hard really. You just have to want what you want and do it.

– MackAuthor


About MackAuthor

Hello, My name is Mack Buckley and I am the founder of, and the author of Thoughts Become You. Welcome! I am first time published author. I have been writing since I learned how to form the letters of the alphabet. I love words! I am also a songwriter and a blogger. I just love to write. I am in love with it! I started to share my book Thoughts Become You. Thoughts Become You is my gift of sharing what I have learned to change my life to you. I have overcome a troubled life by using the very tools and techniques I talk about in Thoughts Become You.
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