If WE ARE The World WE CAN Change The World: Thoughts Become YOU

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Thoughts Become You!

Please check out my book Thoughts Become You. I would really appreciate your support. Please reblog this post. This book needs to be spread around the world. If you buy it please read it and pass it along. I wrote this book to help people to see that they WE are all GREAT and that our thoughts dictate who we become. If you want to be you become…therefore your Thoughts Become You. You can give me every example of why you are you and I will tell you Thoughts Become You. It is and you are the way that you are because of you.

If you want to change your life Thoughts Become You is the book for you. Its a quick, easy and simple to understand read. Anyone can pick it up and read it and that was the point. My first review it was compared to Think and Grow Rich. The commenter said it was a “dumbed down version in modern form” and she was almost correct. It’s not dumbed down..its just written in a language that everyone can understand. No guru talk. No big words and hundreds of pages to sift through that takes days to read. Thoughts Become You is 106 pages! Read it after dinner. On the way to school. On your lunch breaks. It will take you less than literally a day to read it and begin applying the things I teach in my book.

I’ll share this story with you that I learned just today from my dad, who bought my book. He said he was sitting with a couple that were arguing about their situation. Things weren’t going well. They were on the brink of splitting up. My dad said that he noticed that everything that were talking about was things from the past. My dad said he remembered the part in my book about being stuck. He told them to hold up and that he had something for them. He said he went to his car and got the book and gave it to them. He pointed out the CHAPTER 1: The Past Has Passed and told them they were stuck. Read this. He said they asked who it was. He said, “my son.” He said they are now back together and he is going back to get his book.

As I am writing this I am fulfilled. Those are the stories Thoughts Become You were meant to create. Whether its your health, wealth, or just your personal enrichment Thoughts Become You is a book that I believe every person on the planet needs to read. That is my sincere hope and goal. That everyone unlocks their true potential.

 If you would like to purchase a copy of Thoughts Become You, the paper back is please click here. It is also available on Kindle for $4.99 here.

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About MackAuthor

Hello, My name is Mack Buckley and I am the founder of MackAuthor.wordpress.com, and the author of Thoughts Become You. Welcome! I am first time published author. I have been writing since I learned how to form the letters of the alphabet. I love words! I am also a songwriter and a blogger. I just love to write. I am in love with it! I started MackAuthor.com to share my book Thoughts Become You. Thoughts Become You is my gift of sharing what I have learned to change my life to you. I have overcome a troubled life by using the very tools and techniques I talk about in Thoughts Become You.
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