Thought Of The Day Contributed By Albert Einstein

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”
 ~ Albert Einstein

A very powerful statement and what’s even more is that it’s truth! A few words with a very big meaning coming from arguably one of the greatest minds that has lived in the last 2 centuries. 

When I first read that quote many years ago it paralyzed me mentally. In a good way. It was such a profound statement that I couldn’t once it over and keep reading. It made me realize how much I had not learned because of my thinking. It made me realize how much more learning I still had to do. It gave me the perspective of just how much information was out there I wasn’t letting in because I was letting my education get in the way.

As people we think we know what we know. Most times when a person comes into new knowledge that doesn’t conform with what one has been taught to be true they reject it. It’s not because the information isn’t true. It’s because the person already has a belief system in place. He or she has made up their minds based on the knowledge they have received. They are comfortable with that. When things start to challenge thier beliefs the mind fights back to keep what it has retained. The problem with this is that it will stagnant the learning process. If this is allowed to happen to often the mind becomes closed to new possibilities. When that happens no new learning takes place. 

Diagram 1
This Is What I Would Do…
Diagram 2
The rules asked “how can” you pour Figure 2. into Figure 1. without Figure 1. overflowing. The rules didn’t specify a set of guidelines you had to follow to accomplish your goal either. That was the first indicator to me that this problem could be solved in a unique way. 

Diagram 3

The student must first set aside his education to begin new learning. Pour what you think you know into another glass and set it to the side. This allows for expansion of the mind. You add to your education. You also refine your knowledge. That is learning.

We can’t solve problems using the same thinking we use to create them. That’s Einstein too. 

Good Day!


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