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Hi! My name is Mack Buckley and I am the author of the book “Thoughts Become You”. Since this is my very first blog post I am going to share with you what Thoughts Become You is about, and share some information about myself.

Thoughts Become You is a inspirational and motivational book on how to CHANGE YOUR THINKING! If you were like me looking for a easy way out then FORGET IT! There is none! However, if you are serious about changing your life and the lives of the people you love around you then THERE IS A WAY! That way is through the POWER of POSITIVE THINKING!

I am going to get into details about the book a little later but first I would like to share a little about me.

First, I would like to say that I WAS probably just like you at some point in my life. Searching for a easy way out. Trying quick get rich schemes to make a fast fortune. Sitting around waiting for something to happen. Looking for a way out from the comfort of my couch. Watching late night infomercials with the promise of making that BIG MONEY. Never really applying myself to make what I wanted for my life happen. Maybe this is your story or maybe it’s not. I’ve heard worse! I’ve done worse but that’s not the point! The point is that I had to GET UP OFF OF MY ASS and do something about it. I had to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! So that is exactly what I did!

The truth of the matter is it took less than a minute yo change my life. My circumstances didn’t change right away but my thinking did. I simply made up my mind that I was going to do something different. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do but I knew I was going to do it. I dedicated myself to looking for ways to improve my life instead of complaining about it. I made my mind up that nothing was going to stop me from achieving my dreams anymore. NOTHING! It was almost like I flipped on a switch and the light came on. Since this way of thinking was all new to me I needed to find something what it was I was going to do. Like i said, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew that I was going to do it. I started searching for the answers. I started looking for what it was that I was good at doing and could use to make my life better. After many trials and tribulations it dawned on me…WRITING!!! I rediscovered my passion for writing. I say rediscovered my passion for writing because I was already writing. Just not in book form. I am also a song-writer/entertainer. I rap. I have always been a writer but I forgot about my passion for writing stories. I had also forgotten how much I really loved it and how effortless it came to me. What else could be more rewarding than doing something that you love? I decided to go for it.

Thoughts Become You is the manifestation of my action, or as I like to call it the manifestation of my thoughts! That is really what it is. I’ve always wanted to be a published author so I made up my mind to do it. I wrote a book. It is not just any book though. It quite literally is my proof positive assurance that I can do anything that I set my mind too! It is filled with my personal experience and the the knowledge that I obtained while on my journey to TRUE FREEDOM! 

In Thoughts Become You, I show you what I did to change my thinking. I share the knowledge that I received and give you the steps that you need to take in order to do the same. Its a straight forward quick read. Just 106 pages. Its not a thousand pages of OMG how am I going to remember all this stuff. It is precise and to the point. I’ve already done all the BIG BOOKS reading for you..so to speak. I do encourage you to read all the literature that you can on positive thinking. Thoughts Become You is a condensed version of what it really is you need to do in order to start making positive strides towards success. Success is a choice. You choose to be successful or you choose not to be. Thoughts Become You is for the people who choose to be a success and are ready to start on their journey.

If you have any questions you may email me at thoughtsbecomeyou@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help and/or assist you with anything regarding you moving towards a more positive and fulfilling future!

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Thank you for your time. If you know anyone that would love to get their life moving in a positive direction and think they could benefit from what I have to offer, please feel free to direct them to the blog. 
Once again, thank you for your time and remember, your Thoughts Become You!


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About MackAuthor

Hello, My name is Mack Buckley and I am the founder of MackAuthor.wordpress.com, and the author of Thoughts Become You. Welcome! I am first time published author. I have been writing since I learned how to form the letters of the alphabet. I love words! I am also a songwriter and a blogger. I just love to write. I am in love with it! I started MackAuthor.com to share my book Thoughts Become You. Thoughts Become You is my gift of sharing what I have learned to change my life to you. I have overcome a troubled life by using the very tools and techniques I talk about in Thoughts Become You.
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